Sirinu CD cover

E.M.L.007 Bold, Fearless and Rash

The Cradle of the Renaissance

CDA66814 Hyperion The Cradle of the Renaissance CHAN 0546 Chandos Senhora del Mundo (SS & MS)

Henrey V111 All Goodly Sports

CHAN 621 Chandos All Goodly Sports

E.M.L.007 Bold, Fearless and Rash

E.M.L.054 Out of the Orient

GCCD 4013 Court Jesters

GCCD 4007 Tunes from Troubled Times (SS & MS)

CCL CD835 The National Trust for Scotland My Fair and Rare One (SS & MS)

National Portrait Gallery CCL CD816 Music at the Court of Charles II (SS & MS)

CCL CDG1013 Royal Academy of Arts Music from the Age of Van Dyck

Recordings for Historical Properties and Museums

CDG1062 Making Merrye

CCLPT9977 Childhood Christmas

CDG1116 Music for a merry monarch

CDG1081 Canterbury Tales

CDG1117 Flower of Chivalry

CDG1111 Music for a Great Castle

CDG1088 Sweet Music for Bathing

Six Wives of Henry VIII Sirinu