‘This brilliant synthesis of scholarship, musicianship, vivacity of performance…one of the best concerts in this year’s season from the Early Music Network’ 

‘wonderful, bold singing…excellent spoken introductions…dance and movement were integral parts of the whole concert and were always utterly appropriate’

Early Music NewsFeb. 1992


‘A tour de force of sound, colour, movement and dance…energetic and virtuosic…this exhausting and extrovert concert was not only extremely original and convincing, but also great fun’

Nottingham Evening Post, Feb. 1992


‘the large audience sat enthralled…a faultlessly presented and exquisitely balanced evening of song and instrumental music…an impressive array of instruments, languages and skills’

Whitchurch HeraldFeb. 1992


‘…extraordinarily contrasted programme…setting aside the boundaries separating music, dance and drama…great scholarship, but so lightly worn and put over so entertainingly as to entrance those present’

Shropshire LifeFeb. 1992


[Of ‘The Road to Toledo’, a four-part BBC Radio 3 series devised, researched and performed by Sirinu] ‘A gorgeous set of programmes…beautifully performed by the multi-instrumental quartet Sirinu.’

The Guardian18 Jan. 1996


‘One day somebody will come on with a dead parrot and one of them will play it’

The Independent


`They spread out before you like the promise of a banquet…you’re seduced before they even sound a note.’

The Independent, 1 Jan. 2000


‘…their straight faces don’t deceive…they are all having too much fun’ 

The Independent, 1 Jan. 2000


‘Sirinu brought the house down at the South Bank…the freshness of sound enthralled them, and a collaborative processional number had them entirely tickled.’

The Independent1 Dec. 1995


‘Very stylish…rare repertoire and rare talent with Sara Stowe’s crystalline to-die-for voice…destined for great things.’

What’s On, 30 Dec. 1998


‘Formidably qualified, multi-talented, full of energy and daring, Sirinu venture into uncharted waters with this recording…excellent and hugely enjoyable’

Early Music Review, Nov. 1995


‘Performances throughout are exemplary, with Stowe’s bright, captivating voice full olonging and loss, life and lustiness where appropriate, arcing exquisitely above the committed, intelligent and wholly musical playing of the instrumentalists.’

CD Review, August 1994